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EMR Software For Free?

If you could had the opportunity to get your EMR software for free, would you take it? Thanks to the American Recovery and Reinvestment Act of 2009, (also known as the stimulus bill), your opportunity for low cost electronic medical records is here right now.

The SuiteMed™ IMS electronic medical records system is an award-winning, CCHIT-certified EMR software designed to help you manage your practice better and more efficiently than ever. And, with Stimulus Medicare incentives, it pays for itself.

Discover how you can have your practice's EMR software paid for by the Federal Stimulus Package here!

Or, see a free online video demo of the IMS Software system here.

Medical Software Associates is a national developer of electronic medical records (also known as Electronic Health Records) and physician practice management software. Our focus is the small to mid size practice, our product the award winning SuiteMed IMS system.

Our mission is to minimize the time our physician clients spend on practice management, appointment scheduling, medical billing and accounting so they can maximize the time they spend doing what they do best - patient care.

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Our Practice Management Software

Electronic Medical Records - Using an EMR Software System (sometimes referred to as Electronic Health Records) from Medical Software Associates can save your medical practice thousands of dollars per year in recordkeeping costs alone.

With an Electronic Medical Records software system, your patient records are always at your fingertips, and are accessible from any PC.

You can add new notes, make changes and include charts as part of each electronic medical record, ensuing your records are always updated. It's no surprise that many of our clients manage to go completely paperless using their EMR software.
Read more about electronic medical records here.

Our EMR software meets CCHIT ambulatory electronic health record (EHR) criteria for 2008, a point which is incredibly important to physician adoption.
Read more about CCHIT certification here.

Electronic Medical Billing Software - Managing your medical billing is one of the most important aspects of any practice management software system.

After all, if your medical billing software doesn't work right, your patient's bills will go unpaid.

Using an electronic medical billing software system from MSA will ensure that your accounts receivables are always kept up to date, and that billing reminders can be sent out in a timely fashion.
See how electronic medical billing software can benefit you.

Medical Practice Management Software - The IMS medical practice management software system helps doctors and medical office managers optimize workflow, track appointments and manage most medical accounting issues. It has been proven in all specialties, including obstetrics, dermatology, urgent care, opthamology, and many, many others.
Read more about practice management software here.

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Electronic Medical Records
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Medical Billing Software
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