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Consultant EMR Software

Medical Software Associates has provided consultant services for EMR software since the day we began. Our keystone product, IMS EMR from MediNotes, offers electronic medical records at the click of a mouse from any workstation in your office. As a consultant for EMR software, we have installed thousands of such systems across the United States in practices with anywhere from 100 patients to 100,000. In clinics with single locations, to multi-locations, multi-regional practices. EMR is a key focus of Medical Software Associates, and we work daily to ensure our systems deliver.

Not Just Any EMR Software Consultant

Medical Software Associates is a full service EMR software consultant. This means we do not only install and service EMR systems. We actually train your staff to not only use the system, but to use it to its full capacity. Our clients constantly inform us of new efficiencies our system has provided to them, and we bring this knowledge with us to each and every new client we take on. EMR is an important software product for us, and we support our clients during not only the implementation stage, but much further afterwards. Our systems are built to work wonders. We are there to ensure they do.

Customizing Our Software For You

Medical Software Associates is also the developer of a full practice management system we call encounterManager. This system provides medical appointment scheduling, medical billing and medical accounting functions, and integrates easily with IMS EMR. The system itself is very simple to learn, especially if you or your staff have any experience working with Microsoft Office.

We encourage you to read more about us, the encounterManager medical practice management system, our medical billing software system, and other parts of our site. Our clients view our website as a resource for managing their practice over the long term. We would like you to as well.

Contact us here to be sent a free demonstration CD of our software.

If you have questions, we encourage you to contact us here.

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