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 Electronic Health Records  

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The Power Of EHR Software

As a physician, you know how difficult and time-consuming it can be to keep accurate track of all patients' medical records. Every detail of an examination must be recorded, and any additional notes that you want to include should also be recorded in their file.

However, with a constant influx of patients, this can create a back-log of paperwork which slows down office productivity. This dilemma can be fixed by electronic health record software. Commonly referred to as EHR software or EMR (electronic medical records) software, it is changing the way medical practices are run.

Electronic Health Records Software

If you haven't seen EHR software firsthand, you may not be fully aware of its capacities. In its most basic form, electronic medical records software is a database for physicians to keep track of patient information. This includes prescription, billing and scheduling information, just to give you an example.

So, rather than keeping large paper files that take up lots of room in medical office filing cabinets, you can record and store all patient information using EHR software. This frees up space in your office and makes keeping track of patient information simple and easy.

If you have been looking for electronic medical practice management software, you probably realize that any internet search on the topic will call up thousands of sites all offering their software for sale. Don't assume that all electronic health records software is created equally. Here's what you should look for in EHR software:

  • Does it meet your office needs? This is a highly subjective decision but it needs to be addressed. The fact is that not all electronic health records software can simply be imported into any medical practice.

    Things you should take into account include your office work flow - do you primarily conduct certain types of procedures or exams? Are you part of a multi-location office? Do you utilize wireless hardware? Do you have a specialty which would require custom changes such as that included in our pediatric software?

    These types of questions are vitally important if you are to receive electronic health records software that will really work with your office. We pride ourselves on being able to determine your specific needs, and then we work to customize practice management software to fit those needs.
  • Does the software include installation, training and help? You should not have to install the software or train yourself on it. Any company purporting to sell electronic health record software will include installation, staff training and an assistance program for when you or your staff have questions. We pride ourselves on our excellent product support program.

Choose us for your EHR software needs

We have been in the business of supplying medical practice and healthcare software to medical practices of all sizes and types for several years. Because of our experience and knowledge of the industry, we can assure you that our software packages are HIPAA-compliant.

Plus, our experienced and professional staff are ready and willing to help you with any questions or concerns you may have. You can call us right now to get answers to your questions, and after you've decided to get EHR software (also known in the medical practice management software industry as EMR software), you can keep us on speed dial to answer any other questions that may arise.

Request a demonstration CD here, or contact us to find out more. Or, browse the rest of our site with the links below.

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