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 An EMR Case Study  

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Electronic Medical Records Systems

The rush for EMR software solutions is on. With the help of the 2009 Federal Stimulus package, medical practitioners have never been more interested in adopting effective electronic medical records systems, especially because of the inherently time-sensitive nature of the rebates involved.

One thing we at Medical Software Associates tell all of our clients is that despite the "time sensitive" nature of the Federal rebates, it is critical that doctors do not "settle for second best" when seeking an EMR system, particularly because electronic medical records systems are typically used for years, and trying to "undo" a bad installation can often end up costing more than the perceived savings at the start.

A Case Study

Consider a case study in improper EMR sales techniques, a practitioner we will call "Dr. Felix". Like most doctors in the United States, he was hesitant to adopt a practice management or EMR system into his office, because he always saw the installation costs as far too weighty, despite the implied Return On Investment. But when the Federal Stimulus funds became available, Dr. Felix recognized the once-in-a-lifetime opportunity, and began to shop for an electronic medical records system.

Recognizing Experience

As Dr. Felix had a natural price sensitivity, he had an inclination to go with the "lowest bid" electronic medical records system. A rash of competitors have popped up in the past year relying on the "lowest bid", as many doctors, always sensitive about operating costs, will go with the lowest price.

But what Dr. Felix did not know was that despite all of the presentations to the contrary, he was dealing with a product that had extremely high training costs, unlike that of SuiteMed's IMS.

What's more, the vendor, encountering "installation issues", started to bill Dr. Felix far beyond what the original contract had called for. This is classic behavior for inexperienced vendors, as their system experience is so low that they frequently use cost overruns in order to "educate themselves". On their client's dollar.

The Necessity Of CCHIT

The truly stunning point about the story of Dr. Felix was that his vendor had actually lied about their product's CCHIT certification, which is an absolute MUST for Federal Stimulus rebates. This left his office in disarray, with an expensive practice management system that was difficult to use, and, sadly, not even eligible for Federal Stimulus dollars. Truly a bad place to be, one which required a dynamic solution.

That solution, in a word, turned out to be SuiteMed's IMS. With only minor transfer charges, we were able to move all of his EMR data from the old, non-CCHIT approved system to the IMS EMR module within days.

Our technicians worked 48 hours straight in an emergency session to get his EMR back up and online. Within a week, all was operating as it should; his staff began to experience efficiencies through using our EMR module, well known as one of the easiest to use in the industry.

What's more, Dr. Felix is now eligible for up to $44,000 in stimulus rebates by using the SuiteMed IMS system. It's a happy ending to a story we wish was not as prevalent as it is in our industry.

We encourage you to contact us here, check out a video demonstration here, or request a free demo download here.

If you have questions about any of our medical software solutions, please contact us here.

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