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EMR System

Choosing an EMR system for your practice or clinic can be a very difficult decision. The sheer volume of electronic medical records vendors have increased markedly in the past few years. So while just a few years ago, companies like Medical Software Associates were relatively alone in this growing market, now international conglomerates such as GE, Allscripts and IBM have attempted to make their stamp on the EMR system market, knowing that as publicly funded companies, their advertising budgets alone dwarf the majority of small to mid-size vendors.

Working with these companies does have serious drawbacks, however, and despite the slick marketing, the potential for negative installation "side effects" are great.

With EMR System Installation Bigger Is Not Better

The safety of working with an extremely large corporation when considering installing an EMR system in your office is something that should always be questioned. These corporations typically take advantage of legalese when offering electronic medical records installation contracts, legalese which can leave you on the hook for thousands of dollars worth of "consulting fees" and very little recourse.

What's more, in the event that your EMR system is improperly installed, your actual legal rights may be there, but will be limited by the amount of money you would like to pay your lawyer. Publicly funded companies, meanwhile, have unlimited legal budgets. Once you've signed up, then, you can't be sure of what you've gotten into.

Adoption Problems

Is it any coincidence that a large computer company like IBM makes most of its money through "services"? We think not. At Medical Software Associates, any EMR system installation we do is fully supported by our support contract. Simple as that.

If your electronic medical record system is malfunctioning, we're there to fix it. If you need help or training, we're there for you. Large companies, meanwhile, love to hear from you when you have problems only because of their above-market service rates.

Signing on the dotted line with these companies may mean signing an incredible amount of money away. Are you ready to go into business full time with a GE? You may have to!

Small Means Accountable

Having trouble entering a patient's data into your EMR system? Call our toll free support line. Having an issue with training a new employee? Our training representatives are available 24/7. The bonus here is that because Medical Software Associates prides itself on being a mid size company that works with small to mid-size medical practices, you'll always be assured of who you are talking to.

While a larger corporation may outsource their electronic medical records support to places like India or the Philippines, MSA does not. Our representatives are names, not numbers, and are fully accountable to you, the customer. Try asking that of a Fortune 500 company. We'd love to hear of the results.

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Getting a real look into what the Intelligent Medical Software (IMS) system, including electronic medical records and the EMR system, is easy to do. Simply call us on the toll-free number above, or to quickly view a video demo, simply fill out the quick form at the right side of the page. Our representatives are always ready to hear your comments and concerns, and are ready to hear from you today!

We encourage you to contact us here, check out a video demonstration here, or request a free demo download here.

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