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Medical Billing Software

In the United States, medical care is more than just patient care - it's a business. With each scheduled visit, a transaction occurs between physician and patient. Costs must be covered, procedures billed for, and drugs expensed. Medical billing is more than simply invoicing and receiving payment. It involves insurance carriers and complicated documentation and requires serious patience.

See the IMS Medical Billing System in action with our video demo here!

With this in mind, Medical Software Associates offers medical billing software with one goal in mind - to take the complexity out of the medical billing process while upping the stakes when it comes to accountability. The fact is, if your practice isn't paid, it will suffer.

Here are just a few benefits of the Intelligent Medical Software Billing and Collections Module:

Click for larger Billing Screenshot.Create Practice Efficiencies
When integrated with other IMS modules, the Medical Billing and Collections module allows for efficient data sharing while limiting the need for redundant data entry. The IMS EMR module automatically transfers all Superbills directly, ensuring no duplicates and quick usage. From there, charges can be quickly entered using default CPT and diagnosis codes. This module supports several modes, including Charge Posting, Multi Charge Posting, and the Patient Ledger Window.

Truly Accurate Billing
The IMS Billing and Collections module features automated checks to ensure that all CPT or Diagnosis codes are entered correctly before the transaction is completed. Warnings are shown for duplicate entries and authorization requirements. And, the module is as customizable as all IMS modules, enabling default modifiers, custom codes and Column 19 default values.

Quicker Insurance Payments
With automated "missing detail" searches, the billing module not only ensures accuracy, but also that all necessary information is entered BEFORE submission. Then, once all is correct, IMS enables electronic claims submission, saving time and resources usually spent with conventional paper claims submissions.

Increase Your Practice's Collections
It's a simple fact: the majority of missed collections center around accurate charges and claim submissions. With IMS Billing, billing is easily optimized. Follow up collection notes can be tracked and alarmed, and overdue balances can be easily organized. Using color coding, collection stages can easily be determined. Print, fax or email a variety of automated collection letters with the click of a mouse.

Superb Billing Reports
Office managers can easily access a wide array of reporting functions, and link billing directly to an accounting program. The IMS Billing and Collections Module is a complete cash flow solution, and displays trends, graphs and financial reports to better enable your practice. Additionally, custom reports can be easily created using the Report Builder, and all reports can be exported to Excel for easy usage.

Make It Easy On Your Practice

Ease of use is a key component to the Medical Software Associates electronic medical billing software module, and is one of the most pleasing features to our doctor and clinic clients. Let's face it: adopting a new medical billing system is hard enough - there are always new procedures and filing measures to be taken - so learning the system should be easy.

With a simple graphical interface, our system is designed specifically so that training costs are minimized. So that no specialized instruction is necessary for new users. We want to get you up and running quickly, so that implementation costs are low, and you experience efficiencies from the very beginning.

Get Started Now

Getting started with our electronic medical billing software is only a matter of calling us. We offer a free demo CD which features not only the medical billing software module, but also our complete practice management software system with electronic medical records.

And its Windows base means you can demo it immediately, and get a feel for the system while you decide on what works for your practice. Click here to receive this free demonstration CD.

Or, if you have questions about our medical billing software module, electronic medical records or practice management software, please contact us here.

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