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Medical Management Software

Managing a medical practice or clinic is not an easy job. Whether it's appointment scheduling, tracking patient records or managing collections and billing processes, a lot of work is necessary to ensure that the business side of a medical practice is strong. Additionally, you must ensure that you are using HIPAA compliant medical software, or you risk penalties.

With the Medical Software Associates medical management software for practice management, all details can be handled from one simple Windows interface - with minimal paperwork and the ability to move information via networked computers. Taking control of all of your practice's functions has never been easier.

Superior Ease Of Use

Until only 10 years ago, most medical practice management software programs were complex. Many featured amazingly steep learning curves and ensured that training costs were a dramatically high percentage of the cost when adopting the system.

Additionally, many of these systems operated on complex Unix systems which were not only expensive for the physician, but also ensured that any attempt to upgrade meant extreme costs for not only software, but hardware.

The Medical Software Associates medical management software system is a simple, easy to use physician practice management application which runs on simple Windows PCs. The interface is simple, and enables you to start working with the system right away, and addressing any practice management issues immediately.

The Medical Software Associates practice management software system offers several critical modules which can be added or subtracted depending on your practice or clinic's needs. The Electronic Medical Records module enables you to track patient care and history, as well as document any issues. Far superior to a paper system, the EMR module ensures the days of trucking around medical records and medical imaging information such as X-rays and the inevitable mis-filing comes to an absolute halt.

The medical billing software module provides full accountability for the most complex, and yet important part of managing your practice - billing and collections. Equipped with incredibly powerful reporting features, this system ensures that your practice's financial condition is always at your fingertips.

No longer are lost bills and unpaid patient visits a problem - the system ensures you know about any billing issues before they become problems. The result is heaven for your bottom line.

The appointment scheduling and medical telephony modules are two extremely important additions which earn their worth from day one of adoption. With automatic appointment reminder calls arranged easily with only the click of a mouse, scheduling appointments becomes a breeze.

By maximizing patient appointment efficiency and virtually eliminating no-shows, this module also ensures that your medical practice's revenue is maximized - and your patients are served with an efficiency that shows you care.

The modules mentioned above are just a small portion of the total functionality an MSA medical management software system offers your practice or clinic. And most importantly, 90% of our physician clients experience total return on investment within one year or less.

This is a critical point, as many competing systems with proprietary hardware often chart their ROI on a 2-5 year basis. Meanwhile, our medical management software system saves you costs and time immediately. Adopting the system today ensures the success of your medical practice tomorrow.

Free Trial

At Medical Software Associates, we offer you a free medical practice management software demonstration CD to see how the system works immediately. Whether you're a general practictioner looking for practice management software or a specialist looking for customized products like our pediatric software, our demo will be a great help.

Adopting a "hands-on" approach to medical management software shopping is critical, as this is a system you want to be working for you for years to come. What's more, because of it's Windows PC compatibility, you can install and run the demonstration software quickly and easy.

Experience the ease of use that the Medical Software Associates medical management software product offers today. Click here to apply for a free demonstration CD.

We also encourage you to contact us here if you have any questions at all concerning medical management software or any of the modules mentioned above. Our sales specialists are ready to help you today.

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