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Medical Software Associates Features

Medical Software Associates practice management and electronic medical records software systems include a comprehensive selection of healthcare software features to ensure you can manage your practice files, charts and billing with maximum efficiency and ease. We have made it our mandate to continually update our product with new features, to ensure our clients get more than just a "boxed solution".

For a complete look at the IMS Medical Practice Management Software system, click here.

In fact, as a Medical Software Associates client, your feedback and feature suggestions are often included in our medical office software updates, so in essence, you contribute to the total functionality of the product.

Below are links to our feature guide, which does give a superb overall view of our product's capabilities.

Appointment Scheduler - Scheduling appointments automatically is another key to our software. Consisting of high-level report features and an easy to learn interface, this ensures your practice is always on time.

Billing & Collections - Featuring electronic claim and statement functions, and full support for Medicare, UB92 and all other critical forms. This medical billing system is recognized in the industry as one of the best, and the awards prove it.

Comprehensive Practice Reports - Our software includes more than 175 different reports that allow you to analyze every aspect of your practice's functions. We also create customizable reports for individual clients, depending on their needs.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Electronic interfaces for insurance claims, laser-printed statements, and laboratory request and results. Not only can you select from numerous reports, you can easily create your own queries.

Electronic Patient Medical Records (EMR) - Comprehensive electronic records ensure an efficient workflow, while virtually eliminating cumbersome paper records.

Inventory Control - Complete management of your practice's medications and medical equipment.

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Medical Software Features
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