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Medical EMR Software

Adopting a medical emr software system into your practice is not easy, per se, but is definitely easier than you might think. Whenever something changes a medical practice, there are bound to be issues involved in that particular change. Many doctors, whether through fear of the unknown, or because of a previous bad experience, avoid adopting new technologies in favor of the "same old".

Medical EMR systems, however, even when there are slight issues at the beginning, offer the kind of benefits and advantages that begin to pay off almost immediately. Of all of Medical Software Associates product lines, the Medical EMR software module offers the best ROI, bar none.

Plan For The Worst

The people have spoken. EMR is now the most sought after IT product in the healthcare industry. Bar none. As a medical software vendor that has nearly 20 years of installation and development experience, we can frankly say that we've never seen anything quite like it.

Doctors and clinics are finally seeing that the future of medical practice management is in Medical EMR software. It certainly couldn't have come any later for many practices, but the reason for this mass adoption is obvious.

Free EMR?

For years, Medical Software Associates' SuiteMed IMS EMR module has proven itself as a dynamic medical emr software for doctors looking to save time, resources, and better manage their practices. But nothing speaks better for increased sales than the word "free". Which is precisely what the US Federal Government has provided.

Thanks to the Federal Stimulus Package of 2009, doctors can receive Medicare rebates of up to $44,000, and Medicaid rebates of up to $64,000 for doctors who install and show "meaningful use" of Medical EMR software.

Difficult to show this "meaningful use"? Never. In fact, 90% of practices that incorporate electronic medical records software into their practices end up experiencing the kind of efficiencies that changes their practices once and for all. Once you say goodbye to paper medical records, you'll never say hello again.

Don't Be Afraid Of Change

One of the biggest issues with the move from paper to EMR is the fear of change. This is human, and very understandable. Many doctors run their practices quite fine thank you very much for years and years, without ever touching a keyboard, much less a mouse. The status quo works for many practices.

But once a practice begins to grow beyond where medical office management can provide a quality level of service, solutions are sought. Medical EMR software is simply one of those solutions. While in older times, a larger workload equated the need for more staff, many medical practices are discovering that with practice management software and EMR, they can take on more patients, manage their practices better and cut staff. Sounds like a win-win, right?

Adopting EMR Isn't All Roses

Despite what some in our industry may say, we at Medical Software Associates have always taken a realistic approach towards Medical EMR software adoption. The fact is, it takes work. We would love to simply deliver a box that would immediately deliver massive efficiencies to your medical practice, and then have you congratulate us for the great work, but it just isn't that simple.

There is a learning curve. And this curve is dynamically larger if your practice currently does not use computers. It's that simple. Moving from paper to electronic medical records just isn't as easy as moving from an older legacy emr system to a new product.

In fact, moving from an older product may actually make things easier for the practice in general. A lot has changed since the 90s, and ease of use is definitely the most critical factor in new vs. old systems. With proper planning and the right emr software vendor, new efficiencies are seen almost immediately. But it takes work, sweat and cooperation.

Never Too Late

Bringing your medical practice "online" with a Medical EMR software system is an important choice for every doctor. But moving in this direction not only saves you from future Medicare penalties (as outlined in the Stimulus bill), but moves your practice in a new, growing direction. Medical Software Associates representatives are ready to help you take your practice to the next level. Contacting us today will ensure you get going on the right track.

Request a demonstration CD here, or contact us to find out more. Or, browse the rest of our site with the links below.

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