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Medical Office Billing Software

The practice of medicine is a beautifully diverse one, with a wide variety of facets all bent on one superior goal: superior patient care. Each day, doctors see thousands of patients across North America, calming their fears, settling their nerves and diagnosing what could potentially be serious illnesses. And each year, doctors have more options in the realm of patient care than they ever have before: new technologies, drugs, and devices make their job easier, and make their patients safer from the everyday perils of life.

But what many physicians do not think of as the very key to serving their patients and keeping those grave illnesses at bay is what keeps their practice alive from day to day: medical billing.

Yes, despite doctor shortages and an increased need for health care, medical billing is one of the most crucial aspect of any physician practice or medical clinic. It's a simple fact: without paid bills, medical supplies cannot be ordered, medical equipment cannot be used, and lab tests go unpaid for. At its heart, medicine is a business, and ensuring any doctor's medical practice is properly managed relies heavily on keeping accounts in check with medical office billing software.

Medical Software Associates electronic medical billing software application was designed with the busy physician or medical office manager in mind. Because there is no such thing as an average medical office manager, we understand that saving time during the medical billing and accounting process is a critical advantage for any clinic.

What's more, ensuring that patients who paid promptly get the best service the practice can provide is critical: without this, non-paying patients may end up putting your medical practice at financial risk. Spotting them is just one of the features our medical office billing software provides.

Complete Reporting Features

When accompanied by the Medical Software Associates practice management software application, our medical office billing software module offers you the ability to view all of your medical practices financials at a glance. With a simple click of a mouse, you can call up a wide variety of customize reports built into the medical office billing software platform, or customize your own.

Need to find out what bills are past due and how long they have been past due for? The report can be called up in five seconds. Need to know what insurance carriers have been taking the most time paying? Again, this information is ready for you at any time in real-time. Need to remind those past-due patients that their medical bill is due? Simply team our medical office billing software platform with our medical telephony product, and that the click of a mouse that patient can be reminded of the bill automatically.

All of these features and reports come with an extremely easy to use interface which is based on the graphical interface of popular Microsoft Office products. This means that you can use Microsoft Word, you can easily use the Medical Software Associates medical office billing software platform. There is no need for training, and newer users with some computer knowledge can typically pick up the product and its features within an hour or less. This means you get the most precise medical office billing software available today, without the hassle and expense of a complex product and training schedule.

Optimizing your billing and cutting down your medical accounts receivables can start today.

Simply click on the link here, fill in the form, and we will send you a free demo CD of our medical office billing software.

This medical billing software demo can be installed on any Windows PC, and will give you an excellent idea of how the system works before you call us. Of course we would be remiss if we did not mention that the product is completely HIPAA compliant. This is especially critical for medical practices who are currently using older systems and are looking to upgrade to meet the standards of the federally mandated privacy act.

If you have any questions regarding our medical office billing software, or the HIPAA act and its effect on your practice, please click here.

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