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Medical Record Software

The recent Federal Stimulus program has made medical record software a must purchase for all but the most technophobic of physicians. The basic fact is, the adoption of an electronic medical record software system ensures eligibility for large Medicare rebates (up to $44000) and Medicaid rebates (up to $64000)in the years to come.

Meanwhile, adoption refusal actually results in Medicare benefit reduction, meaning lower revenues for practices that do not meaningfully adopt EMR software. The only question is, in which category does your practice fit?

Research Pays

Obviously, as you find yourself at this site, likely researching a purchase of medical record software, you are likely to be an adopter. Count yourself among the more informed purchasers already. Extensive research is the key to any IT decision, and by arming yourself with knowledge will ensure that you have the weapons with which to negotiate the best EMR software deal.

Some Buying Tips

One of the most important buying tip for doctors and clinics new to electronic medical record software is to ensure you understand exactly what you are paying for. EMR software quotes can be very complex to read, and deciphering them is key. Your best bet is always to develop a question sheet about your quote, in order to better understand what is being included in the installation.

For example, some EMR vendors offer connections from their EMR product to personal health care record portals, Allscripts and pharmacies. If you need this, it is critical that it be included in your quote. Meanwhile, if you find it to be an extra that is not incredibly beneficial to your practice, ensure that you are not paying extra for it. Another example might be CPT or IC9 codes. Do you really need them? And if not, make sure they're not being charged for.

Exact Comparisons Only, Please

One of the difficulties with EMR vendors is that each offers a differing product, and may include extras either in the charge, or as a freebie. When you are lining vendors up side by side, ensure you are making an apples-to-apples medical record software comparison.

For example, if one vendor offers full practice management software with the EMR software, and is the same price as another vendor, which is offering only EMR, the obvious choice is vendor number one. At least on this comparison. Noting what exactly is in place in the support contract is key as well. Which brings us to.

Contract Time

Whatever you do during the medical record software purchase process, always, and we mean always, ensure you have a contract that specifies ALL costs. Typically, a standard contract will include 3 years of support and service beyond the installation process, which is key to ensuring that your medical record software system performs as promised.

Not only that, but support is a HUGE factor during the initial adoption, as it is typically when practices have the most "growing pains" with a product. Finding out that support is an "extra" after you've decided to install a product is an expensive mistake, one which can change the entire dynamic upon which you originally based your buy decision on. Buyer beware, as always!

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