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Medical Records - Going Electronic

Until a few years ago, Electronic Medical Records were a product embraced by the early adopters and tech savvy medical practices looking to exploit efficiencies and lower costs. On an ROI basis, it has always made sense for practices to adopt EMR software.

Now, however, electronic medical records software is simply necessary in order to compete. And because of the widespread adoption of EMR in the healthcare industry, it has become more important than ever for practices to choose a CCHIT-certified product, such as Practice Partner, the Medical Software Associates EMR product of choice.

Paper To Electronic
Paper medical records have a number of key disadvantages. One, they are cumbersome. With paper medical records, thriving medical practices must deal with the fact that each individual patient record takes up space. And as the practice grows, the need for storage for these medical records also grows. Over the long term, this can create a headache for medical office management.

Secondly, paper medical records are slow. They must be handled by individual staff, shuttled from room to room each day with sometimes unfortunate results. They can be lost, they can be misplaced, and are often mixed up in the day-to-day business of running a clinic or practice.

Thirdly, managing paper medical records is simply a difficult task. Each day, medical practices across the United States waste hundreds of hours of human resource time simply shuttling records back and forth.

Finding and filing records is a task that not only slows down staff efficiency, but also patient efficiency. Basically, the longer it takes to retrieve your patient's medical records, the longer it takes to properly serve your patients.

Electronic Medical Records Advantages

Electronic medical record systems such as the one offered by Medical Software Associates ensure that all of the above disadvantages are no longer an issue. Our clients, which include medical practices large and small, see immediate benefits from day one.

Addressing the issue of storing paper medical records is an immediate and recognizable benefit. Once paper medical records are transferred to electronic medical format, they no longer require office space. In fact, we have seen medical patient records rooms as large as 20' x 20' freed up immediately and their contents placed on 3.5 inch hard drive. This means more room for patients, examination, and medical supplies.

High-Speed Record Retrieval
By adopting an electronic medical record system into your medical practice, you gain incredible speed. Typical systems feature a networked Windows environment, which means no specialized hardware is necessary, as well as ensuring that the system is very usable. By simply installing a networked PC into the examination room, you have access to any and all patient records available. Looking for record? Simply click the mouse and search for the record and it will be retrieved and shown on the screen within five seconds or less. No longer is it necessary to have staff shuttle records back and forth. In essence, all practice information is available to you immediately at any time.

Hands-Off Medical Records Management

Suddenly, the need to manage paper records is gone. Because all patient records are stored electronically on your computer system, they practically manage themselves. And, with proper data backup systems installed, all of your patient records are safe and accessible. All of this comes with complete HIPAA compliance, and an ability to cut costs through both office supplies and human resources. Savings come to most medical practices immediately, a fact most of our clients become very excited about.

Contact Us

Optimizing your electronic medical records system is a far simpler task than you might have thought. The electronic medical records experts at Medical Software Associates are ready to help you take your practice into the present. We encourage you to contact us here.

To obtain a free demo CD of our medical records software, which also includes demos of our practice management and medical billing modules, please click here.

Complete Medical Software demo CDs are available to all medical practices located in the United States and Canada. We thank you for visiting Medical Software Associates today. We look forward to helping you.

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