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Our Solutions

Practice and clinical management, as well as medical billing, are ever-changing environments, especially for practitioners who work in the managed care industry. If you've made it this far on our site, we appreciate the time you have spent researching and checking your options.

To see a free online video demo of the Intelligent Management Software system (IMS), click here!

We understand that there are numerous concepts to consider when thinking about starting a practice or purchasing new practice management software. Below you will find comments from our clients regarding the problems they were encountering that were then remedied by Medical Software Associates systems.

Tried To Work With Another Vendor
"I had purchased an expensive healthcare software package from a local sales representative of a national medical imaging company we thought was quite reputable. We found out later that we had purchased the product for several thousand dollars more than its retail cost. Once we bought the software, we received the recommended 15 hours of training. Although it seemed to work well, the end of the month came and claim remittances arrived. We found that we suddenly needed more training, but that the rep we had worked with no longer sold the product!"
"We then purchased Medical Software Associates' practice and clinical management software system, and were provided with complete training at our office. Questions are never a problem for us either, as we find the support number works well whenever we hit a snag or have a question."

No Windows-Support
"I purchased an expensive system from one of the larger software companies in the industry. But because the operating system was UNIX, we found the learning curve really tough. As a result, we had to buy all new hardware and the company told us that they would never offer a Windows-based product."

"The Medical Software Associates practice and clinical management software is based around Windows. And, I found that I saved enough on support costs to replace the useless terminals I had with new PCs. Finally, a system I can work with!"

Losing Money Fast
"I started to notice that my practice had been losing money, but I had no concrete reasons behind it, only suspicions."

"I purchased the Medical Software Associates practice and clinical management software system because of the audit controls it has. With them, I found I could see who and why charges and payments were deleted from certain accounts. Because the system archives the transactions, authorized persons including myself can keep an eye on this potential problem. Another advantage has been the daily and monthly balances. That way, if I have to audit someone, I can easily discover problems. Thanks to your system, all temptations (for theft) are gone."

Piece Of Mind
"No matter how hard I tried, I could never seem to find an employee who managed my practice receivables to my satisfaction."

"I voiced my concern to your development staff before purchasing the system and was surprised at how well they were addressed. Using the accounts receivable management screen, my staff and I can do just about anything. While we can't make the insurance carriers pay us any sooner (if only we could find someone to do that!) we can easily find out which patients and carriers owe us money, how much and for what period of time."

Medical Software Associates software may be able to help you. Contact us here for a consultation or request a CD demo here.

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