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Pediatric EMR

Are you a pediatrician looking for a way to streamline your administrative tasks and patient information so that you can provide better services to your patients? Well, you are not alone! Right now, hundreds of pediatricians are looking for ways to make their services more efficient and thorough. Some have turned to general medical practice software for help but have found that it does not meet their specific and unique needs as pediatricians.

This is not surprising - a general software program will not have all of the features that pediatric EMR (electronic medical records) and specialized pediatric software can offer you. Plus, software manufacturers don't often realize the difference between adult EMR software and pediatric EMR software, making it even more difficult for pediatricians to find the software they need. We are different and understand the importance of pediatric EMR software. Here are just some of the benefits of our software:

Specialized features
A general practitioner has different needs than a pediatrician. Pediatricians are dealing specifically with children and because of this fact, we can offer you specialized software with unique features.

For example, some of the specialized features include child exam charts, examination charts that are grouped by age and immunization charts to track childhood vaccines and other common immunizations.

Plus, you will be able to import x-rays and other images of patients into their electronic charts so that all of their information is stored in one easy-to-access location.

You can include your medical notes with these images which will create a comprehensive electronic medical record on any child that enters your medical office. Plus, you can even create custom fields for particular patients that may have specific and unique problems that must be monitored.

Plus, our pediatric EMR software also comes with all of the advantages of our medical practice software, including scheduling, appointments, and billing options. You can customize the software to have it color-coded for even easier use.

Another great benefit that can be included in your pediatric EMR software program is the prescription writer. The local pharmacist will not have to contact your office to ask you what your handwriting says; instead, you can store prescriptions electronically and then send that information to the pharmacy.

Why pediatric EMR software is so important

Children are special patients that require particular attention. Pediatricians want to be able to provide comprehensive and thorough care that will monitor a child's every medical need in order to be able to provide the medical care required. Children grow and change quickly - this means that a pediatrician needs to be able to record and aggregate growth data on each child patient to ensure that the child is growing and progressing as normal.

Special terminology is also a requirement of pediatric EMR software. The symptoms that a child faces are often vastly different than an adult who is sick. This is why there is specific terminology for children and our software recognizes that difference.

For these reasons and many more, you should contact us today for more information on our pediatric EMR software!

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