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 Physician Billing System  

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Physician Billing System

The Medical Software Associates physician billing system module has been changing the way medical practices do business for over 10 years. No other electronic medical billing software system on the market today enables physicians to better control the finances of their practice.

And in the end, no matter how good the medical patient care, every physician knows that without a solid bottom line, no patients can be served. Medical Software Associates physician billing system gives physicians and medical office managers the ability to track payments, create accounting reports, and ensure that insurance carriers are properly billed. This means revenue into the practice is maximized.

Ease Of Use Is The Key

At Medical Software Associates, our experience working with physicians, whether in oncology, pediatrics (our pediatric software was our debut product), gynecology, or family medicine, has led us to important conclusion: creating efficiency not only saves time for medical practices, it also saves money. This is why the entire medical practice software suite offered by Medical Software Associates including the physician billing system was created specifically with the end user in mind.

We don't expect anyone in a medical practice to be a computer expert: neither should you. All modules in our medical practice management software system are based around the popular Microsoft Office programs, currently the most popular office productivity suite in the world. By designing our program you in mind, there is no need for complex training for hours or even days. Instead, we give you an easy, simple to use product which enables you to get a firm grip on your billing right away.

Full Accounting Reporting

Medical Software Associates physician and medical office billing software system offers a number of built-in reports so you can get a bird's eye view of your practices financials with the click of a mouse. Looking to track the patients with the largest past-due amounts owing? That report is there for you. Need to know when an insurance carrier bill is due to be paid? Simply click your mouse to the appropriate, and that information is given.

What's more, you can also easily customize his physician billing system to create specialized reports based on billing category, diagnosis, or even by past billing history. Basically, if the data is there, we want to give you a way to turn it into something you can use.

Get A Free Demo Of Our Physician Billing System

At Medical Software Associates, we guarantee that our medical practice management system is one of the easiest to use on the market. We also offer one of the most competitive pricing schedules available, especially when taken in tandem with the fact that training costs are minimal.

Our easy-to-use physician billing system interface ensures that the amount of training needed by your staff and you is very limited. What's more, all of the updates to not only the physician billing system but every medical practice management software module we offer, are absolutely free. Where else could you get this kind of service, while ensuring that your practice is completely HIPAA compliant?

But don't rely on the word alone. Click here to contact us to receive a free medical software demo CD by mail.

For we encourage you to contact us here regarding any questions you may have adapting neither a physician billing system for a complete medical practice management software system to your practice.

And we thank you for your interest in Medical Software Associates.

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