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Practice Management Software

Medical Software Associates offers the IMS practice management software system to its clients, which include small doctors offices, clinics, multi-facility healthcare organizations and hospitals.

Designed as a multi-workstation solution, encounterManager features a relational, single database design and operates under Windows 2000, XP and Vista. There are competing practice management products currently available, but IMS stands out for a number of important reasons:

Training & Documentation - We perform all training for the IMS practice management system onsite at your practice location. Each installation includes a full software manual and quick reference guides are installed at each station. Instructions on features which you may need a refresher for is available via either Internet or dial-up modem at no additional charge.

Accounts Receivable Management - Managing your A/R is amazingly simple with IMS's user-friendly interface. Through customizable screens, letters, progress notes and reports, you can view and address all accounts and insurance carriers which are in arrears, and adjust accordingly. With this module, you can quickly select any aging day total and view the supporting collection documentation that have been previously sent to patients or insurers.

The Appointment Scheduler - The IMS appointment scheduler supports multiple providers and locations. With this function, each doctor can specify their availability times, superbill (fee slip), and appointment duration, amongst other user-customizable details.

Navigation is simple, allowing you to move by day, week, month and year and schedule appointments any time with ease and accuracy. Users can also view the appointment schedule in daily, weekly, monthly or yearly formats for one practice, or multiple facilities if necessary.

Document Management Module - The document management tools included with the IMS practice management module enable you to easily condense and organize your office's paper flow using what we call a digital document file cabinet. This simple system enables you to file important items such as visit notes, letters, faxes, lab reports, prescriptions and graphs for easy retrieval. No longer is it necessary to have stacks and stacks of charts and paper!
Read more about the Medical Document Management Module here.

Comprehensive Reporting - IMS's reports enable users to select from over 100 report options and customize them by date, patient, and many other sort fields. Reports can also be run directly to printer if necessary, and have several important (and customizable) sorting options.
With the reporting module, you can create Revenue, Appointment, Billing, Insurance, Visit Notes and Outstanding Statement reports, among many others. Then, easily export the formatted reports to Windows Applications or HTML. It's truly powerful, yet strikingly imple. Some report examples include:

  • Revenue Reports
  • Outstanding Billing
  • Billing Aging Reports
  • Pre-Day Close Reports
  • Accounts Receivables Reports
  • MIS Reports including No-Show Appointment Count, WriteOff Summary, Procedure Frequency and Rejection summary, among others.

Check-In/Check Out Functions
Managing patient flow is key to the effectiveness of any medical practice. The IMS Check-In/Out module ensures communication lines between the front office and physician are always open while the patients are being served. Co-Pays can be collected proactively, and billing can be performed immediately. Additionally, patient wait times are minimized, as efficient communications can take place throughout the appointment between front office and physician.

Medical Billing and Collections
Developed specifically to increase billing accuracy and productivity, the IMS billing module is both fully HIPAA compliant and EDI functional. By emulating a medical biller's daily workflow, this module offers complete electronic billing capabilities along with a variety of outstanding, aging and summary reports.
Read more about the Medical Billing Module here.

Support - Toll free support of IMS practice management systems is available from 8:30am to 6:30pm EST. Our support operation is run by real people who answer the phone_no when you call, ensuring you do not get caught in a web of voicemail as you do with some other products.

Plus, our support team consists of people with technical and practice management backgrounds, meaning they know the product from back to front. With Medical Software Associates, your telephone_no call is always answered immediately, and your problem addressed as soon as possible.

SPECIAL REPORT: Why free medical practice software can be harmful to your practice' health.

Read on here to see more IMS Practice Management Software features.

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