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 encounterManager Features  

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encounterManager Features
Part 2

The Medical Software Associates encounterManager practice management software system offers a broad array of robust features to enable you to better manage your medical practice down to the smallest detail. Here are more of encounterManager's features:

The Expression Builder - While the reporting features of the encounterManager are vast, and include over 180 reports, the Expression Builder allows you to query your data without the need for expensive data mining software. And, once your new query has been recorded, the data it generates can be viewed, printed and brought into Microsoft WordŽ for letter and label generation.

Paperless Office Features - With Charting Plus, our EMR product of choice, you get a seamless electronic medical records system integrated into two distinct areas of encounterManager practice management systems. With this feature, any demographic information entered into the billing system will automatically be carried over to the Charting Plus EMR system, which prevents duplicate data entry. As physicians create their patient diagnosis notes, services are automatically coded, and upon completion, an E&M wizard suggests the appropriate E&M level to bill for based on the information obtained. These charges can then be easily carried over to your billing system.

The overall effect is that incorrect or missed billings are virtually eliminated, and your claims will now always go out correctly the first time so that your practice receives the reimbursements it deserves in a timely manner. Based on recent statistics, practices which use an Electronic Medical Records system with an automatic coder increase their billings by 25% with supporting documentation to justify any charges and pass audits.

No Closeouts - With encounterManager practice management applications, there is no need for lengthy daily, monthly or annual close outs, which saves weeks worth of processing time annually. And, you do not have to archive data to generate reports for your prior accounting periods - the physician billing system does this for you!

Instant Help - For each and every data field in the encounterManager practice management software system, there is a help window available. These windows are also customizable to meet your practice requirements.

Robust User Tracking - With encounterManager, you can track individual users easily, as each user is granted a unique username and password which ensures that the system can time and date stamp each transaction completed by practice staff. The username system allows for various security level settings, which depend on preference and/or job description. Reports are also available for each user ID, to ensure the system is being used correctly.

Image Management - The encounterManager system offers you the ability to scan documents and attach them directly to a patients file. This frees up time resources, as staff members do not have to leave their desk to look up insurance cards, EOB, driver's license or demographics sheets, among other documents. To aid in diagnoses, you can also store a digital photograph of the patient and chart progress.

Telephony - When equipped with Reminder Pro, our outbound medical telephony product, you can automate appointment reminders to occur on a timely basis, at any time of the day. Reminder Pro automatically calls your patients to remind them of upcoming appointments, which can dramatically reduce no-shows and greatly improve the efficiency of your staff.

Electronic Claims and Statements - With encounterManager's electronic claims and statements functions, you can send any claims or statements electronically, and save the labor and costs of the paper-trail process. We also provide the ability to do pre-certifications and verify coverage benefits online with supporting insurance carriers.

The encounterManager practice management software system was developed with the basic objective to minimize practice paperwork, maximize efficiency and optimize the audit and paper trail of your accounts receivable system.

Give encounterManager a try and discover what it can do for your practice. Click here for a free demo CD.

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