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Medical Software Associates Site Map

Below you will find the complete contents of our site listed by subject. If the links below do not help you get the information you need, please contact us here. We would be happy to help you out.

About Medical Software Associates
- Find out about our company, the services we offer and our products.

Accounts Receivable Management - Efficient management of your accounts receivables can mean the difference between a successful, and a very successful practice. Read about it here.

Appointment Scheduler - Scheduling appointments automatically is another key to our software offerings.

Appointment Software - Proven to minimize both labor during the appointment reminder process, and total patient no-shows.

CCHIT Certified EMR - Our EMR (electronic medical records) software is now CCHIT certified, ensuring that your practice's investment in our products is completely secure.

Comprehensive Practice Reports - Our software includes more than 175 different reports that allow you to analyze every aspect of your practice's functions.

Consultant EMR Software
- Looking for a consultant that provides full service to your practice? Look no further.

Contact Medical Software Associates - Have a question, looking to get a system up and running in the future? Contact us here.

Development Influences - Read a little bit about how Medical Software Associates' encounterManager medical office management system came about.

Document Management - Manage all documents and charts from one simple easy to use screen.


EHR Software
- Adopting electronic health records systems into your practice can save resources immediately.

Electronic Data Interchange (EDI) - Electronic interfaces for insurance claims, laser-printed statements, and laboratory request and results.

Electronic Health Records - Discover how an electronic health records system can revolutionize your practice.

Electronic Health Record Software - With patient information at your fingertips, diagnoses become easier while paperwork is minimized.

Electronic Medical Billing - Tired of all the paperwork that come with collections? Consider electronic medical billing.

Electronic Medical Billing Software - Manage your practice bottom line and keep collections in line with this module.

Electronic Medical Records - Managing your practice's patient records is simple with our electronic medical records management platform. Read about it here.

Electronic Medical Records Software - Looking for a HIPAA compliant EMR software with the goods you need to serve your patients quickly? Look here.

Electronic Medical Records Systems

Electronic Medical Software - A quick look at our practice management software product, and the efficiencies it grants your practice or clinic.

EMR Software - Complete EMR software systems can completely change your medical practice for the better.

EMR - More Benefits - Discover more benefits our robust electronic medical records system can provide for your practice.

EMR - Features - Read about some of the features of our EMR product of choice, IMS EMR.

EMR - Synchronization Features - Our EMR software's synchronization ensures you can update your practice records from anywhere there is an Internet connection. Read about it here.

EMR - Family Medicine - IMS EMR also features some superb features specifically for pediatricians and clinics specializing in family medicine. Read about them here.

Free Demo - Request a free demonstration copy of our software here.

Free Medical Practice Software - Sometimes free can be more costly than you think.

Healthcare Software - The way healthcare organizations and medical practices run is changing, fast.

Healthcare EMR - Our bread and butter product, and what makes many clinics more efficient than they've ever been!

- HIPAA is coming soon. Find out how to ready your practice for its regulations here.

HIPAA Compliant Medical Software - Privacy - it's important to your patients and your practice.

Inventory Control - Complete management of your practice's medications and medical equipment.

Medical Billing & Collections - Featuring electronic claim and statement functions, and full support for Medicare, UB92 and all other critical forms.

Medical Billing System - Tired of lost and unpaid bills by your patients? Check out the physician's choice for medical billing.

Medical EMR

Medical EMR Software - It is what it is, my friends.

Medical Imaging - Collecting patient images such as MRI and X-Rays is an important part of our practice management software system.

Medical Office Billing Software - Get control of your medical accounts receivables by mating this module with our medical telephony product.

Medical Office Scheduling Software - Schedule your medical office appointments and deliveries with Medical Software Associates.

Medical Office Software - Moving from paper to computer practice management is a lot easier than you might think.

Medical Practice Management - Get your practice moving with a full medical practice management software system.

Medical Practice Management System
- Putting an end to lost patient files and records is what the MSA system does.

Medical Practice Software - Manage your practice effectively with dynamic physician practice management.

Medical Records - Taking your practice's patient records from paper to electronic is an important job.

Medical Records Program

Medical Records Software - We offer CCHIT certified electronic health records software, a distinction which ensures you're getting the best for your medical IT dollar.

Medical Records Systems - Save resources, maximize practice efficiency. What else do you need?

Medical Appointment Scheduler - Book patient consultations with the click of a mouse.

Medical Appointment Scheduling Software - It'll revolutionize the way you run your practice, and increase revenue as well!

Medical Scheduling Software - Manage your practice's appointments with our medical scheduling software module.

Medical Software - Our home page.

Opthalmic Practice Management Software - Each specialty has its own demands - why shouldn't opthamologists?

Our Software - Read about our product here.

Outbound Telephony - Multi-option program which enables you to set up patient reminders automatically, to reduce no-shows.

Nursing Resources - Some nursing related resources we have discovered on the web.

Paperless Medical Records- Makes sense, doesn't it?

Patient Record Software - Track your patients, and more importantly, let them track themselves!

Pediatric EMR - All specialities are different - so why take a general practice electronic medical records system? Read more here.

Pediatric Software - Medical specialties can be customized for with our practice management and EMR software manuals.

Physician Billing System - Need to keep your medical billing in line but don't want to outsource? Look here.

Physician Management Software - Life is hard enough simply being a physician. Managing your practice shouldn't be.

Physician Practice Management - Ensure your clinic or practice runs effectively with our systems.

Physicians Practice Management Software - Do your medical collegues have practice management software? Probably. See why here.

Portable EMR - Soon to come - an EMR system compatible with personal digital assistants.

Practice Management - Managing with a practice management software system means creating efficiencies immediately.

Practice Management Software - Discover encounterManager, our practice management software product for doctors, clinics and hospitals.

Practice Management Software Features II - Check out more of the features included in the encounterManager product to allow you to save time and labor in your practice management.

Practice Management Systems - Eliminating paperwork and administrative time is exactly what practice management systems do.

Practice Reports - Report on billing, charting or whatever information you need with our customizable practice management system.

Reseller Information - Is your organization interested in providing our medical software products to some of your clients? Consider becoming a Medical Software Associates reseller.

Reseller Application Form - Apply here to become a Medical Software Associates Value Added Reseller.

Success Stories - Discover how some of our doctor and clinic clients have benefited greatly from our medical software and practice management products.

Support - Supporting our products is a key to our ongoing relationship with our many clients. Read about our support department here.

Training Services - Training your staff to use our software allows you to start capitalizing on office efficiencies from day one. See how we can get you started immediately.

Why Choose Medical Software Associates - Some interesting reasons why you should consider Medical Software Associates to enable the efficiencies in your clinic or practice.

For more information about this or any other of the Medical Software Associates family of practice management solutions, please Call or contact us here.


What's New

Electronic Medical Records
Read about our easy-to-use, CCHIT-certified patient record and office workflow system.

Medical Billing Software
Managing your own billing saves time and costs. Read more here.

Medical Software Features
Our comprehensive practice management software system feature guide.