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Success Stories
There are numerous ways to look at, and define, success. Medical Software Associates believes that our success depends greatly on the success of our customers.

When we first consult with you, we focus our strategies towards smoothing, and possibly increasing patient flow in your practice. This frequently includes moving your staff away from such mundane tasks as data entry. In turn, we also focus on how to better review rejections and how to prevent data entry errors. By allowing you to trace accounts receivables, you can better stay abreast of who paid, how much and when.

We then turn our attention to incorporating diagnostic condition notes in patient account files for instant access, saving you time during patient visits. We also look to whatever solutions can help your practice perform more efficiently, such as document management, medical telephony, and more. As well, we provide your practice with HIPAA compliant medical software to ensure you are completely adhering to those guidelines.

Here are some of our client testimonials:

"(When I first came to you), I was looking for a product where the patient registration process was quick and easy. The great thing about your product is it allows me to register a new patient and access the appointment scheduler with relative ease. It makes it very easy to multitask - I can answer the phone_no, schedule a patient appointment and immediately return to the registration process without losing either time or data."
Nancy Withers, Medical Administrator

"We often schedule a new patient for lab work and then an appointment a few days later. Our scheduler knows that after the lab work visit has been completed, the subsequent visit is marked as that from an existing patience. This way, we never confuse the purpose of the patient's return visit."
J. Peters, Medical Assistant

Receivables and Collections
"Our Medical Software Associates Practice/Clinical Management Software System provides me with great accounts receivable tools. They let us select accounts in arrears using any aging criteria. We can also separate those accounts that have had no payment activity for a certain time period. Once we display these accounts, we can view any details and print late notices and statements. We've found the customizable features to be the ones we use the most."
K. Danforth

Clinical Records
"We treat a lot of patients in our practice at Medicare levels 3, 4 and 5. Because so much additional documentation is required, we have implemented the capturing of all patient medical records, like medications, allergies, immunizations, reactions, vital signs and diagnosis details. The information then comes together on the patient encounter form that is produced each day for the next day's appointments. The great thing here is that the file folders we use to need to pull are no longer necessary because the encounter form has the most pertinent and current information and the chart notes are always available on the Doctor's computer."
K. Jackson, Medical Assistant

Laboratory Interfacing
"We've found it quite easy to enter the lab request in the Medical Software Associates software provided to us by our lab vendor. Because the system interfaces with their lab software, we do not have to enter patient data in both systems. Then, when the test results are returned electronically, the systems is automatically updated so everyone can have access to those results. We even have a custom report that tells us which results require that the patient be informed."
G. Yothers, Office Manager

Physician Use
"I like the fact that I can review clinical records without having to depend on paper and client folders. I prepare most of my chart notes using my mouse and keyboard, and I find the templates quick to use. I've found it saves a lot of time and money on transcriptions. I'm looking forward to getting the imaging going so we can store all of our X-rays and photos digitally. Our local hospital will make it quite easy for us, as they already have photos available for download."

Do you have questions about the Medical Software Associates software? Click here to contact us, or request a demo here.

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