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The Medical Software Associates Difference

For today's healthcare providers, there are four severe business pressures that are constantly growing, those being: Income Compression, Legal and Regulatory risks, Data Overload and Improved Outcomes.

Here is a brief summary of how Medical Software Associates helps you tackle those problems:

Income Compression
"The average physician's income has remained unchanged since 1987." Fortune Magazine, August 1998.

Medical Software Associates software is designed to address this directly, and features a number of in-built benefits.

Productivity Benefits
Our practice and clinical management software includes a number of features which are designed specifically to minimize staff efforts in non-productive activities, in favor of productive activities, such as billing and collections.

These features are built to give you quicker access to information and data input (including electronic health records), manage individual patient files, insurance and notes and ensure both correct Medicare coding and accurate reimbursement. What's more, the system itself is intuitive, which can save you thousands of hours of training costs in periods of staff turnover.

Advanced Reporting Features
Medical Software Associates practice and clinical management system includes over 180 clear and concise reports which can easily be converted to graphical format. Plus, by using a relational database design, custom reports can be generated simply and quickly, as long as the data you need has been captured. These reports are superb tools for identifying areas in need of improvement, such as procedures and receivable billing time.

Common Reports
Here are just three of the valuable functions our software provides.

Aging Reports- Easily created by account, single insurance carrier or all, single physician or all, single or multiple locations.

Charges Paid Tracking - Clearly shows how and when charges were paid, and gives percentage ratings compared with time.

AR Management - Again, the choice is yours. Structure this report by date range, unpaid amounts in descending order, or use any of the several other sorting methods which will be covered in a live demonstration.

Decrease Labor Costs
Using our system, there are a number of cost-cutting factors which will greatly cut labor costs. Automating appointment reminders, as an example, has been shown to reduce missed appointments by up to 50%, which not only cuts the labor cost of manual calling, but significantly increases your revenue. This can also allow you to automate test and lab results, which saves you practice time. As well, with the records management module, you can create a truly paperless office, which increases your workflow by generating complete electronic patient records in 40 seconds or less. What this could mean to you is no more patient charts. For one of our clients, a three-physician practice, this has resulted in administrative savings of $500,000 per year!

Increased Cash Flow
Our software allows you to digitize claim filings and edit instantly to ensure you get the highest possible acceptance and reimbursement rate. Plus, you no longer face the delays associated with paper claims. And with real time account information accessibility, you can print and bill the client before they leave the office.

""Collection rates that were 60% five years ago are at 45% today and will probably hit 35% in five years." - Modern Physician - September 2000

Avoid Legal and Regulatory Risks
It's a fact: the managed care industry is the most regulated industry in America today. This is where Medical Software Associates practice and clinical management comes in. Our system is designed so that all entries are date, time and user-stamped, which not only identifies and resolves inappropriate user activities, but identifies provided and why. This is critical during legal cases, especially in which the patient's recollection differs greatly.

Another important feature is the fact that all medical data entered can be appended, but not removed. This is useful for both regulatory and financial audits, as a complete digital paper trail is created. Of course, the system is also Internet and Windows ready, which allows you to keep up with any changes in the managed care industry.

Improved Outcomes
Today's patient is much more informed because of media, corporate advertising, and the Internet. As a result, physicians need a real time system that allows them to stay ahead of the curve. The Medical Software Associates system helps you stay abreast of any changes by implementing changes quickly, and updating constantly to adapt to new regulations.

No More Data Overload
In the past, the amount of information that could be stored was limited by hardware. Today's technology, however, is much less expensive, and is virtually unlimited. Because of this, systems such as ours can be implemented and save not only paperwork, but office space required to store files.

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